Our Impact

Providing the data and analytics needed to measure the progress toward achieving the SDGs.

The Global Algorithmic Institute at GlobalAI Co.

Collaborating with the UN to deliver on the SDGs through Big Data & AI

The Global Algorithmic Institute at GlobalAI is collaborating with the UN and its agencies to provide Big Data technology expertise and infrastructure focusing on firm-level, private-sector data for official purposes.

What Our Platform Enables

Making unofficial statistics official

We engage with the UN as a data compiler of unofficial statistics which can be certified and accredited as official for SDG purposes, to bring innovative solutions for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The first global proxy for SDG Target 12.6

The Global Algorithmic Institute at GlobalAI provided UNCTAD Statistics the data they used to publish the first global proxy for SDG Target 12.6, which calls for a greater integration of sustainability information in the regular reporting cycle of companies.

The first global analysis of the private sector's SDG 'footprint'

We provided the UN DESA Financing for Sustainable Development Office the first global analysis to be used for policy purposes on the the regional and global impact of approximately 20,000 companies in more than 100 countries.

SDG Nowcasting

We provided critical data and techniques on SDG nowcasting at the Committee of the Chief Statisticians’ of the United Nations System (CCS-UN) Technical Workshop. The event included leading statisticians from the OECD, WTO, IMF, UNDP, FAO, World Bank, European Union, and other international organizations.

Building the World's First Global Sustainability Platform

With the UNCTAD-ISAR and UNEP, we are supporting the creation of a global sustainability platform for corporate sustainability reporting which will facilitate harmonization and build capacities on data collection at national levels.

Officially Recognized Alternative Data

Through the Statistics Office of UNCTAD, we have been ‘officially recognized’ by the UN through their publishing our SDG footprint data in their SDG Pulse publication. The UN-Statistics publishing data is the only mechanism whereby nonofficial national data becomes ‘validated.’

Experts on Sustainable Development Investing and Impact Measurement

We are a member of the UN Inter-agency Task Force on Financing for Development's Expert Advisory Committee on Sustainable Development Investing and Impact Measurement. Our data were included in a flagship report from the UN Inter-Agency Task Force on Financing for Development in April 2020.

Rating Corporate Transparency

As a result of our partnership with UNCTAD-ISAR on the SDG indicator 12.6.1 - regarding corporate sustainability reporting - we are uniquely positioned to provide corporate “transparency” ratings based on the UNCTAD-ISAR Global Core Indicators.

Private Sector & UN Inter-Agency Collaboration for Big Data & AI

We are also working on other Big Data and AI projects with both the private sector and other UN agencies and Governments.

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