Richard V. Rothenberg

President, Global Algorithmic Institute

Richard Rothenberg’s interest in the SDGs originated from his work as a research affiliate at the Lawrence Berkeley Lab where he helped the US Government better understand the systemic risks associated with the Flash Crash and potential spillovers across other other areas in different geographies.

Later on, after working on Global Multi-asset algorithmic strategies at Deutsche Bank and projects at the US Dept of Defense analyzing systemic risks and contagion mechanisms that can impact financial stability (DARPA), he realized that the UN SDGs can be used as a framework of non-financial risk factors for policy and investment purposes at the sovereign and private sector levels.

Given his keen interest in the SDGs which intersected with his personal interests on sustainable development, policy and the environment he co-founded Global AI. His goal is to leverage Big Data and AI to enable SDG-aligned capital mobilization and the advancement of the SDGs.

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