Methodology 12.6 Minimum and Advanced Reporting Requirements

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Co-Designing and Measuring the Minimum and Advanced SDG Reporting Requirements on Behalf of the UN

The Global Algorithmic Institute is co-designing and measuring the Minimum and Advanced SDG Reporting Requirements on behalf of UNEP, UNCTAD and the UN. The initiative has been endorsed by over 100 countries. The Minimum and Advanced Reporting Requirements:
  • Will be the global standards for corporate reporting on SDGs
  • Measure sustainability holistically, including economic, environmental, social, institutional and governance dimensions
  • Are the only SDG Targets and Indicators specifically monitoring the practices of private sector entities
  • Call for a greater integration of sustainability information in the regular reporting cycle of companies
  • Will harmonize global sustainability reporting and align government policies with the SDGs

About the Minimum and Maximum Reporting Requirements

Companies must publish information that meets a “Minimum Requirement” of disclosure to be counted towards the SDG 12.6.1 indicator. Minimum reporting includes a core set of economic, environmental, social and governance disclosures of sustainability information.


Minimum Reporting Requirements

In defining and co-creating these disclosure elements, UNCTAD, UNEP and the Global Algorithmic Institute aligned the minimum reporting requirements with the disclosure common requirements in existing related reporting frameworks.

The majority of these requirements are drawn from the Global Core Indicators.


Advanced Reporting Requirements

Methodology 12.6.1 also includes “Advanced Reporting Requirements”, with a further set of disclosure elements. These provide impetus for examining and reporting on the sustainability practices and impacts of the company. They include:

  1. Stakeholder engagement
  2. Assessing impacts beyond the company boundaries and along the supply chain
  3. Supplier and consumer engagement on sustainability issues
  4. Anti-competitive behavior practices
  5. Advanced environmental performance information in the form of intensity values and other measures to be monitored over time.

The majority of these requirements are drawn from the European Commission’s Nonfinancial Reporting Directive (NFRD).

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